Your Proposed Business must be either Venture-Backed or Owns Innovative Technology!

Type of Singapore Visa

Global Investor Program (GIP)

The Global Investor Program is a gateway for high-net-worth individuals looking to drive growth through significant investment in Singapore's economy. By investing in a GIP-approved fund or establishing a business in Singapore, investors can pave their way to becoming permanent residents, enjoying the country's political stability, strategic location, and favorable tax regime.

Global Investor Program (GIP)

The GIP is an exclusive initiative by the Singapore government that offers permanent residency to foreign investors ready to make substantial economic contributions through business or investment. It's an opportunity to not only grow your wealth but also enjoy the lifestyle and benefits that come with being a Singaporean permanent resident.
What are the criteria for the GIP?
  • GIP Application Service: S$ 15,000 /-
  • Investment Plan Preparation (opt.): from S$ 2,500 /-
  • EDB Application Fee:     S$ 10,000
  • ICA PR issuance:     S$ 100 per applicant (at the final stage)
Required documents to apply:


Business Plan

Biz Track Records


Track Records

Streamline your GIP Application Process with Us
Global investor program - process

An Employment Pass is required prior to your first day of work in Singapore. We can assist you in processing this work pass in less 3-4 weeks.

Type of Visa

Employment Pass

MOM fees


Visa Express Application Service fee

500 SGD

Processing Time

3 – 6 weeks

*The above fee quoted does not include any additional fees due to complication of your application and any other disbursements (translations, medical checkup fee etc.)

What are the criteria for the Employment Pass?
Required documents to apply:

International Passport

Highest education certificate


FAQs On EntrePass Service

With Visa Express, you can apply for an GIP by completing our request form. Our team will contact you direct to discuss with you on the requirements to start the process.

Typically, you’ll need a comprehensive business /investment plan, copies of your passport, proof of your business track records. The exact documents may vary based on your business and individual circumstances. Once you have made your payment and complete your information, our team will review and send you an email to clarify your application and request for additional information when necessary.

Once you’ve submitted all the required information and documents. Visa Express will submit your application to EDB within 2-3 weeks. If your documents or information is incomplete, we will respond in 48 hours to request for the additional information.

You can subscribe to our business plan drafting service but you are required to provide basic information of your business plan for our writer to start the write up. Our business plan drafting service starts from 2,500 SGD, additional fee required if you do not provide research information needed for the business plan drafting and we have to pay for the research. Cost of research is based on your industry, business nature and the fee of third party company. 

Visa Express provides FAQs, step-by-step guides, and customer support to assist you throughout the application process. Our customer service usually respond within 48 hours to your inquiry / request. As the GIP is highly complex, our team will usually need to review your documents and request for additional information and documents for at least 5-6  times.

Visa Express charges a service fee for processing your GIP  application. The total cost excludes all disbursements (e.g. the EDB application and ICA issuance fees).

Our team will update you the status manually whenever the EDB update on your status. We will also update you on every steps of our process.

Why Visa Express?

Comprehensive Support

From the initial planning stages to the final submission, we're with you every step of the way, ensuring a hassle-free Application Process for Global Investor Program.

Expert Consultation

Our team offers in-depth knowledge of Singapore's immigration regulations, providing you with the insights needed to secure your Singapore Residency with confidence.

On-Time Submission

We ensure your application is submitted within 3-4 weeks, provided all documents (including th supplied are accurate, adhering strictly to the timeline promised upon sign-up.
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This is a type of Singapore PR scheme to allow investor to secure residency directly in Singapore.

Established Investors, entrepreneurs or high network individual with the funds to invest in Singapore. A minimum of 10 – 25 million SGD is required.

Yes, qualifying for the GIP can extend permanent residency to your immediate family, including your spouse and children.