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In this section, you will learn all types of visa and company structure to help you understand the most suitable option for you. Select from the below articles to find out more. 

Employment Pass

You will learn information about employment pass to help you understand whether you are suitable for this type of visa.

Singapore Entrepass

Looking to start your business in Singapore, the entrepass may be the best option for you. Learn more here on the eligibility requirements. 

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Investment Visas

Investment requires critical thinking and planning. Visa Express helps find the solutions you need! Click to find out more information today!

Personalised Employment Pass professional

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

If you are looking for a independent work pass that gives you the flexibility of switching employers without having to reapply for a work visa again. Then PEP may be suitable for you.

Singapore Private Limited

Looking to start your business in Singapore, the private limited company may be suitable for you as it is limited by shares and provides a lot of flexibility in tax and raising funds. You private limited company will be seen as a Singapore tax resident.

Singapore Branch Office

The Branch Office acts as a local representative for the parent company that is situated overseas. This gives foreign parent company more control on the company but it is consider as the same legal entity as the parent company. Your company will not be Singapore tax resident.

Singapore Subsidiary

The Subsidiary Company is an option for those that wish to expand their presence globally. This comes with various benefits. It is similar to the Private Limited Company but the main difference is that the parent company owns shares of Subsidiary 

Representative Office

Representative Office is not considered as a temporary structure in Singapore. This form of business can be used only for non-profitable activities such as studying the market, building connections and establishing groundwork before launching a profitable activity.