You must have a Singapore Registered Company Sponsor to be Eligible to Apply!

Type of Singapore Visa you are Eilgible for

Employment Pass​

The Employment Pass is a Singapore work pass serves as a gateway for foreign professionals, managers, and executives to advance their careers in Singapore. To be eligible, individuals must secure a minimum monthly salary of $5,000 and obtain sponsorship from a registered Singaporean company for their work pass application.

Employment Pass​

Employment Pass is the most common work pass in Singapore that allows you to work and stay in Singapore for 12 – 24 months. Starting from September 2023, applicants must provide education verification proof before you can proceed with Employment Pass Application.
What are the criteria for the Employment Pass?
  • Employment Pass (EP)Processing: S$ 700 
  • Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Application Fee:     S$ 105 
  • MOM Issuance Fee:     S$ 255 (Payable upon approval and collection of EP)

An Employment Pass is required prior to your first day of work in Singapore. We can assist you in processing this work pass in less 3-4 weeks.

Type of Visa

Employment Pass

MOM fees


Visa Express Application Service fee

500 SGD

Processing Time

3 – 6 weeks

*The above fee quoted does not include any additional fees due to complication of your application and any other disbursements (translations, medical checkup fee etc.)

What are the criteria for the Employment Pass?
Required documents to apply:

International Passport

Highest education certificate


Employment Pass Application Easy as 1,2,3!
Why Visa Express?

Affordable Rates

Enjoy visa services at half the cost with basic eligibility assessment, ensuring your move to Singapore is both economical and hassle-free.

Self-Serve Convenience

Use our intuitive form to guide you through a simple, self-managed application process, saving you time and putting control in your hands.

On-Time Submission

We ensure your application is submitted within 2-3 days, provided all documents supplied are accurate, adhering strictly to the timeline promised upon sign-up.
On normal circumstances, 3 weeks upon submission. Additional 3 – 6 weeks for rejected and additional documents request case
3,600 SGD per month but will be increased to 3900 SGD in May 2020.
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