Global Investor Program (GIP): Your Pathway to Singapore PR

Overview of the Global Investor Program (GIP)

Singapore’s reputation as a leading global hub for business, innovation, and technology extends a warm welcome to investors worldwide through the Global Investor Program (GIP). This initiative is designed for affluent investors and entrepreneurs who wish to contribute to Singapore’s economic landscape while securing a pathway to Singapore Permanent Residency (PR). Our comprehensive guide outlines the GIP’s eligibility criteria, application process, and answers to frequently asked questions, all tailored to enhance visibility and engagement for those seeking to leverage this prestigious program.

What is the Global Investor Program (GIP)?

The Global Investor Program (GIP) stands as Singapore’s strategic framework to attract and engage investors willing to drive forward the nation’s economic dynamism. It offers a direct route to Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) for eligible investors and their families, acknowledging their potential to catalyze growth and innovation within Singapore’s key sectors.

GIP Eligibility Criteria

How to Apply for the Global Investor Program?

Embarking on your GIP journey involves several meticulously designed steps:

Begin with gathering all necessary documents, such as:

  • Detailed personal and business profiles.
  • Financial statements and investment portfolios.
  • A well-structured business plan or investment proposal aligned with GIP criteria.

The application for the GIP should be submitted directly to the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore, which administers the program. Ensure that your submission is thorough, accurate, and reflective of your investment potential.

Following your application submission, the EDB will review your credentials, investment proposal, and overall suitability for the GIP. This stage may also involve an interview to discuss your application in detail.

Upon receiving approval, you’ll proceed with making the stipulated investment under the chosen GIP option. Successful completion of this investment is a prerequisite for the finalisation of your PR status.

Benefits of the Global Investor Program

You will be notified of the outcome of your GIP  application via email.

If your application is successful, you will be issued an Approval-in-principle  letter.

This letter is valid for 12  months and allows you to start investing in Singapore before your can meet the Singapore PR criteria.

Once you have fulfilled your investment criteria for GIP, you can then get your Singapore PR issued under the GIP scheme. 

Renewal Criteria of GIP

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The processing time can vary, but applicants can generally expect a decision within 9 to 12 months from the submission of a complete application.

Investors are advised to maintain open communication with the EDB and may need to adjust their business strategies to ensure compliance with GIP commitments.

Yes. You need to wait for 2 years under the GIP scheme